Daniel Poveda Martínez

Daniel Poveda Martínez

Advisors: Dra. Laura Varone, Dr. Esteban Hasson

Email: danielpovedam@gmail.com
Telephone : 11.4916.5211
Area of Expertise: Genetics, Insects, Pests, Invasive species
Publications: Research Gate 

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Licentiate in Biological Sciences, Universidad del Quindío (Armenia, Colombia), 2015
Ph.D student, University of Buenos Aires, 2018 – to date

Research Focus:

I am earning my Ph.D at the Institute of Ecology, Genetics and Evolution (IEGEBA) and the Foundation for the Study of Invasive Species (FuEDEI). My thesis is focused on the genomic study of the prickly pear pest Cactoblastis cactorum. The main objective is to identify the structure and population dynamics of this pest in the different ecoregions of Argentina.


Elucidating the population configuration and the demographic and gene flow patterns of C. cactorum at different scales of the landscape, will allow the development of biological control strategies that take into account the genetic variability of the pest throughout its distribution.


My research focuses on the use of massive genome sequencing data to investigate historical and contemporary processes of invasive species or pests that pose a threat to agriculture and biodiversity conservation. This information is used to develop management strategies to reduce damage produced by these species.


Cactoblastis cactorum | 2018 – to date
Hypogeococcus pungens | 2018 – to date
• HLB | 2019 – present