María Cristina Hernández

María Cristina Hernández

Researcher FuEDEI

Telephone: +54 11 4452-1882 int. 123
Publications: Research Gate
Area of expertise: Weeds, Invasive species.


Licentiate in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1978
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2007

Work experience:

• Part-time Researcher at FuEDEI (2015 to date)
• Researcher at FuEDEI (2012 – 2015)
• Researcher at USDA/ARS/SABCL (2000 – 2012)
• Technical researcher USDA/ARS/SABCL (1994 – 1999)

Research Focus:

My studies are related to biological control of South American aquatic weeds that are invaders outside of Argentina.


I look for insects associated with weeds that are likely to control the invasive plants. The identification of the insects, and in-depth knowledge of their biology and behavior will help to confirm the results of laboratory tests on the fidelity of an insect to its host plant.


I have discovered, or participated in the discovery of 11 species of insects new to science, described their morphology and biology as well as evaluating numerous species as candidates for biocontrol.

My areas of expertise include: Botany and Entomology (taxonomy and biology); methodology for sampling aquatic environments, for breeding insects in the laboratory and for carrying out specificity tests; and in microscopy techniques for morphological studies of insects and plants.

Current research projects:

Ludwigia g. subsp. hexapetala (water primrose): 2005 to date.
Pontederia (ex Eichhornia) crassipes (water hyacinth): 2000 to date.