Nadia Lis Jiménez

Nadia Lis Jiménez

Postdoc Student CONICET/FuEDEI
Advisors: Guillermo Logarzo, Esteban Hasson

Telephone : +54 11 4452 1882 int. (122)
Area of expertise: Pests, Invasive Species.
Publications: Research Gate

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Licentiate in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2011
Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, Universidad de Buenos Aires, 2019

Research Focus:

I am currently working as a CONICET Postdoctoral Fellow on HLB (Huanglongbing), a lethal citrus disease caused by a bacterium (Candidatus Liberibacter).


My research project studies the mitochondrial (COI) and nuclear haplotypes of Diaphorina citri (vector insect of HLB) and Tamarixia radiata (vector parasitoid) in Argentina. The aim is to develop strategies for the control and management of the disease vector to protect the citrus industry, the second most important industry in the country.

While earning my Ph.D. I studied the herbivory patterns and the impact (levels of economic damage and action thresholds) that leaf-cutting ants (genus Acromyrmex) produce in Salicaceae forest plantations (willows and poplars) of the Lower Delta of the Paraná River.

Current research projects:

• HLB (Huanglongbing), Diaphorina citri and Tamarixia radiata. 2019 to date
• Leaf-cutting ants (Acromyrmex sp.) in forest systems and natural environments. 2014 to date